Sell My Boat Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about Selling Your Boat online.

Simple as 1,2,3!
1. Register your contact details.
2. Create your boat ad (with up to 30 photos)
3. Make your online payment.

Your email address and password are used to verify your identity and allow access to manage your boat ad. Your email address is also used to forward online enquiries to you.

You have 28 days to use the registration and create your boat ad. After that period your registration will be permanently deleted.

It is important that our site is up to date. We will email you occasionally to check that your boat is still for sale. If your email address is invalid or incorrect, we may remove your boat advertisement. Of course if you sell your boat, please remove your boat ad ASAP.

Please email our office to to change your registration email address.

Yes, you can submit up to three boat or boat gear ads using your registration account.

Click here to retrieve your password.

The digital size of an image is measured in bytes (or kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes). Therefore an image of 300 kilobytes has a file size of 300 kilobytes.

A pixel is a single point in an image, an image is made up of many pixels. Therefore in digital image processing, width and height of an image are expressed in pixels.

Yes, login to your account, click on Manage Ad and choose Upload Photos, and follow the instructions to change photos for your boat advertisement.

No, you have to set up a new boat ad and pay for it.

Check the file format of your photo is a jpeg or png - it should have an extension of .jpg, .jpeg or .png.

Due to packet loss during transfer to the server only part of your photo was transmitted. This can happen due to an erratic Internet connection. Just upload your photo again.

It may be due to caching by your computer. Hold down the SHIFT key and click the REFRESH/RELOAD button of your browser to reload the web page from the server.

Absolutely! If you are using other boat advertising sources e.g. newspaper, flyers etc, please invite potential buyers to check out your listing and photographs at .

Most people who contact you will be genuine boat buyers. As with any advertising, you may get calls from boat dealers, brokers and other internet sites offering you free advertising however beware of 'hidden' costs and commissions of up to 5%.

Beware of prospective overseas 'buyers' sending scam emails - please use common sense and caution. The scam usually involves the 'buyer' sending you a bogus cheque for an amount more that you are asking and then ask you to send the difference.

We welcome boat listings from boat dealers and brokers - check out DEALER SUBSCRIPTIONS for more information and an online subscription request form.

Should you require more information please contact us for information regarding advertising on Boatsonline.